The item you need...
a few doors away

Every day, many of us need items that our neighbors own but rarely use – Borrow Local connects neighbors, enabling them to share these under-utilized items locally using a safe, simple mobile application
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The sharing economy, without the awkwardness

Ditch that awkward, "Can I borrow your ____?" conversation. Borrow Local helps you recoup the cost of ownership while saving others money as well. We let you avoid having to ask for cash and provide protection in case of damage.

Borrow Local to support your community

Our primary mission is to empower local communities through connections and growth. We believe that the best way to create change is to start on your street.

"Need an extra table for your party, here are 10 options within 1 mile of your location."

Lend what you don’t use.
Borrow what you need.

Grow your

We connect neighbors by providing a fast and easy way to share items within your community.

Earn & Save

We provide an easy way to make quick cash on your unused items. Save your hard-earned money. Borrow, don't buy.

Easy, Safe, &

Your security is our #1 priority. Our lending system uses identity verification and privacy safeguards to protect both lenders and renters.

Environmentally- Friendly

For the items you may occasionally need, borrow instead of buy to reduce your ecological footprint.

If we want to live sustainably, then we need to share more

Every day, millions of purchases are made on items that are rarely used more than once. We’ve all done it - craft projects, home repair, camping trips, birthday parties, gardening tools, or a sport, instrument, or hobby that we would like to try.
Consumer waste is skyrocketing, and we are losing social connections. It became too easy to click 'Purchase' on that shopping cart order. No more. That 'thing' you need could be two doors away, unused and good as new, waiting for you to find it.

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